Weeding Thru a Sea of Advertisements to Find the Best Car Insurance

Lowering transportation costs is important in today’s economy. The average cost of a gallon of gas has almost doubled in the past four years. Finding a way to save money on necessary expenses can feel a bit overwhelming. Eye catching newspaper or online ads may encourage switching to their company to experience an immediate reduction in insurance rates. Advertisers may promise a substantial amount of savings of $400 or more annually. This amount of savings can easily be five to ten percent of a policy for liability or full coverage insurance. Here are a few tips for weeding thru advertisements to find the best car insurance.

Online, radio, and print advertisements are usually misleading. Sometimes the type of insurance that is offered does not meet the personal or business needs of the shopper. Some insurance websites are not strictly for researching auto insurance rates. Once on the website the information presented may discuss renters insurance or other products that are not related to obtaining discounted auto insurance. Many advertisers are counting on web visitors to become distracted and click on other services that they can increase their profits with.

Ads that promise an immediate savings of a specific dollar amount are not truthful. The amount that an individual can save depends on several different unique factors. Examples of these factors are being a full time student, current driving record, outstanding traffic related tickets, or frequent tickets for not having insurance.

Obtaining quotes from a carrier website can take at least twenty minutes. Online comparisons that check the rates of multiple companies offer the best way to save time while shopping for lower rates. Take a few minutes to focus on answering the questions presented in the questionnaire. Answering questions truthfully is the best way to ensure that the quote is accurate. If multiple people are on the policy ask them if they have received any driving under the influence tickets or repeat violation citations. The insurance company does background research for each person on the policy. If the information is presented inaccurately during the quote, it may take a few days for the new adjusted rate to be presented to the new policy holder.

Always answer questions that may seem like they are prying into personal information. There may be discounts given for belonging to certain alumni, nonprofit organization, driving habits, or working for a specific employer. Questions that ask about completed defensive driving courses can offer substantial savings.

Choose to obtain an accurate quote that will give more than one price. Companies that provide quotes from twenty or more insurance companies will give the best view of the current market insurance rates. After a company is found that offers a great rate, take action and obtain coverage. The price that is quoted does have an expiration date. After a policy is issued contact the company every few months to see if there are additional discounts available. Use these tips to start paying less for monthly car insurance premiums.

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